Aria Introduction

Under the brand of DigiBit, Aria is a digital music server featuring hi-technology and convenient usage for audiophiles. It supports high-resolution music files. Just open a tablet, it will start playing music. Aria marches the new revolution of premium audio equipments and brings along an unprecedented experience in music enjoyment.


Based in Madrid but with R&D in Spain and UK, DigiBit was founded in 2007 being one of the first European companies developing computer audio products.

DigiBit is a provider of proprietary digital audio products and services to distributors, resellers and international OEMs.

Their first product , introduced in April 2008 was the music server SONATA, and still only, music server to properly support classical music.

In May 2013 DigiBit introduced their new aria hi-end music server and its KIT form for the OPPO 105.

DigiBit´s goal is to provide music lovers without much computer skills. All the advantages bring digital music technologies, but in a simple way and hassle-free.

All products are developed and marketed worldwide based in Digibit key corporate principles: Audiophile, Innovation, Easy to use, and Affordability.

Aria 2 Front
Aria 2 Angle
Aria 2 Display
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Aria Front
Aria Rear
Aria App
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Aria Piccolo Front
Aria Piccolo Rear
Aria Piccolo App
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Aria Mini Front
Aria Mini Rear
Aria Mini App
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