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Hansen Introduction

In 2003 Lars Hansen began to lay down all the foundations for his new company. This company would produce only the finest audio equipment possible. Every model would represent the best of the best. All of the latest scientific information would be incorporated. Materials would have to be invented to produce enclosures that would set new performance standards. Proprietary drivers using exotic high performance materials had to be designed and engineered. All of this would be manufactured in house! Hansen Audio was born!

In the years since the beginning, Hansen Audio has indeed successfully set new standards on both the engineering side and more importantly on the performance side. Our enclosures have been called “Graceful”, “Organic” and “Elegant”. All of the enclosures incorporate the exclusive Hansen Composite Matrix material. The Hansen Audio enclosures have set a standard in being completely sonically invisible. Hansen Audio drivers incorporate the proprietary Sound Wave Deformation Prevention technology.

Listening to Hansen Audio products has proven to be a revelation to many. Numerous awards and achievements have been given every year to Hansen Audio for our products. Critics worldwide have awarded “Best Sound” status to Hansen Audio products year after year. The Absolute Sound magazine has awarded Hansen Audio their Editors’ Choice and Golden Ear Awards. Stereophile magazine has awarded Hansen Audio with their highest rating in their Recommended Components of high performance products. Audiophilia has given us numerous Star Component Awards (their highest compliment). Both A/V Guide and Positive Feedback have honored Hansen Audio with Best Sound awards.

Hansen Audio, with our successes and our achievements, continues to grow dramatically year after year. Hansen Audio is now available worldwide through High End Distributors and Retailers.

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