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Liquid Cable Introduction

For the last thirty years or so, the larger audio community, listeners and creative types alike, has become polarized around the question of whether or not the cables used to connect recording and playback devices can affect the quality of reproduced audio. The competing factions can be loosely divided into two camps: the subjectivists and the objectivists. For subjectivists, a change in connecting cables in an audio signal chain can introduce a perceptible change in the sound of the system. Objectivists point to measurements and formulae and insist that such perceptions of change have no basis in reality. TEO, while sharing an objectivist desire to correlate experience with data, is in the subjectivist camp. We hear differences in cables, and assume, that since you're visiting with us, that you do too.


We subjectivists have typically listened to, and a lot of us have bought, many different cables for our sound systems. Given, in the opinion of the unenlightened, our obsessive natures, many of us have also digested white papers, engaged in debate about the merits of various conductor sizes, configurations and geometries, materials, alloys and laminates, and have championed diverse insulating materials and connector designs. Yet, until TEO Liquid Cable, no one had questioned a simple and fundamental premise: conductor material is solid.

We Asked : why?

This led us to experiment with interconnecting cables engineered using liquid conductors. The results are amazing; the proof is in the listening!

TEO's Liquid Cable interconnect cables are best characterized by their absence of character. When you replace your existing interconnect cables with Liquid Cable, different recordings simply sound more different and, consequently, more like themselves. Setting aside for the moment, stock audiophile descriptors like dynamics, air, and sound staging, what you’ll hear with Liquid Cable is information: unvarnished and uneditorialized. What type of violin bow, how far from which type of microphone, producers' tricks, edits and effects; in short, all of the information that brings us closer to our ideal of being there.

We encourage you to contact your nearest TEO Liquid Cable dealer to experience for yourself:

The best cable you've never heard!

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